Thoovanam Waterfalls

Amaravathi Dam Thoovanam Falls

About Thoovanam Falls:

Thoovanam falls located in Forest area. It is the primary water source for Amaravathi Dam. Amaravathi Dam’s total capacity is 90 feet. 70% water comes from Thoovanam Falls. Here you can arrange a trip for trucking and your stay. There you can make a tent and your day with lovable once. Elephants and other animals used to Roam there. Without Forest officers, you can’t be able to reach the place. This place is very secured.

How to reach Thoovanam Falls?

From Udumalpet, you can come by bike or Cabs. You need to arrange for your trip travels. If you need travel help, feel free to write us, and we will keep in touch with you for your journey. Udumalpet to Thoovanam falls it will take 45 km. From Munnar, it will take 50 km around. If you prefer to go by bike, you need to fill petrol before reaching Kurichikottai. After Alambalayam ( Kurichikottai ) there is no petrol bunk around 50 km to get fuel.

You’ve to reach thoovanam falls before 6 o clock. You’re not allowed to travel by bike after 6 o clock.

About Trucking:

If you already booked for trucking, then after reaching the falls, the guide will take you to the trucking. They will allow you to some places, apart from that you can’t go anywhere. Because, as we said earlier it is fully forest area any animals can cross you. This trip will make, one of the best days in your life. Trucking will help you to build a healthier body. Trucking with friends in the forest makes you a delightful day.

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Munnar – Thoovanam Falls:

From Munnar, it will take around 50 km distance. First, you will reach Marayoor. If you change your perception, then there is a choice to arrive at a Kanthaloor. Kanthallor falls allow you to bathe and swim. You have to walk for few miles to reach a falls. Trees cover all places. There is no petrol punk after Marayur. You need to take a right from Marayur to go Kanthaloor.

Thoovanam Waterfalls:

For Your Information:

  1. Take All basic kits for the stay.
  2. Food will be provided.
  3. Secured with guards.
  4. Water will be available.
  5. Bike travel is enjoyable.
  6. Family/ Friends/ Couples everyone welcome.
  7. Chinnar is a very nearest place with Police officers.
  8. You can also visit Thirumoorthy Hills and Waterfalls